Monday Design Wall

Up today I’ve got a picture of my design wall.  I’ve completed all of the blocks for the pinwheel quilt for my friend.  I’m trimming the blocks down…quite a bit.  One column is sewn together already (see left).  I’m hoping the middle all done and ready for borders by this weekend.

Fabric is It’s a Hoot by Moda.

design wall 01-10-11

9 thoughts on “Monday Design Wall

  1. I love it! So I'm a new quilter and I really want to make a pinwheel quilt… AND – I'm curious! How did you make your pinwheels? I have seen (and bookmarked or printed) THREE totally different ways of making them!! Which way is easiest and best? I really like the fun colors in your pinwheels :)

  2. OMGoodness Dianne! I bow down, way way down to you and all quilters. This looks so difficult and time consuming and in need of a huge space to spread out. Your work is amazing and I am in awe. Thanks for visiting,
    xoxo, Lamp Tramp

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