Design Wall Monday

Technically it is on my design wall…but it’s also technically a finish.

Tanya's Pinwheel quilt

I still need to make the backing for this one.  I’ve got some yardage from this line, It’s a Hoot, and some leftover pieces.  I like the look of a scrappy back, and hopefully the recipient will too!

Linking up to Judy’s Design Wall Monday here.

11 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday

  1. I love your quilt! It looks amazing…the border is really nice!! You have a great blog :) I have it on my blog reading list and I've been trying to comment on your blog for awhile , but it does not seem to like my ipad. I'm on a different computer now and it seems to be going fine.

  2. A pinwheel block is always so happy looking. I swore off them for a couple of years, but now I am willing to make another one. My issue was the bulk of fabric at the center of each pinwheel, but since I made my quilt I have learned how to lessen that. It would have been terrible if I had given up on such a cute block!

  3. Your quilt looks gorgeous! As far as I am concerned, it's a bit like stitching- when you've completed the hard yakka- its a finish! The rest is just finishing off a finsh!

  4. looks great! Love the fabrics and the pinwheels look perfect. I usually have a problem with the points in the center not coming together perfectly. And it is usually in the center and a bright color, oh and I usually don't notice it until the quilt is finished. :) Great job.

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