I cleaned my sewing room

Wow.  What an original title.

sewing room 03162012 (6)

On Wednesday last week, I had the pleasure of teaching my best friend (of almost 20 years…let’s not go there!) how to knit.  She came over for the afternoon, and we spent some really awesome time catching up…and knitting! 

Now…I love my sewing room.  It’s my space to do WHATEVER I want with.  And there’s a door that closes so I can “forget” about the accumulated mess…and boy was there some MESS in that room!  The problem was…there was so much CRAP “creativity” in the room…I was feeling very overwhelmed…and uncreative!  I even mentioned to my husband that the room was overwhelming me…  So I waited until the kids were asleep on Tuesday night, turned on some Ally McBeal reruns (LOVE!) and set out to clean up my room…

Here are some of my favorite new views in my room

sewing room 03162012 (7)

sewing room 03162012 (8)

sewing room 03162012 (3)

sewing room 03162012 (2)

sewing room 03162012 (5)

sewing room 03162012

sewing room 03162012 (4)

OK…that last picture kinda cracks me up…cause that really is a CLEAN version of how the couch looked before I started cleaning!  My DBS stitching project requires so much “stuff” that it usually ends up spread all over…

The best part about the room now…it’s clean, organized, and full of all the things that I love.  One of my favorites in the room is the beautiful painting that my best friend painted for me when I first went away to college.  I love having her original art in my creative space!

Thanks for stopping in!  You are all welcome to come sit and stitch/sew anytime!

12 thoughts on “I cleaned my sewing room

  1. It looks great! Your shelves are so neat now!! My sewing room is one room I don't mind cleaning – LOL! I love AMcB too – bought the whole series on DVD. I especially enjoy watching the Christmas episodes during the holidays!

  2. Your room looks so good! Mine is need of a complete overhaul. When we moved Chris out & my sewing machine in we didn't find a new home for all the non-sewing stuff in there… A big mix of craft stuff, books, extra computer parts & everything else that doesn't have a home :(

  3. Hello! Found you through the IHSW blog hook up line!! LOOOVE your sewing room. I'm slightly drooling right now!! That couch looks the best too all comfy and cosy to stitch in! I hear you about watching reruns of your favourite tv show…mines Gilmore Girls!!

  4. Your new organized space is lovely and might I add too….you have awesome taste in fabric. I spied those Moda Fat Quarter Stacks on your shelves. :D I love that line of fabric.


  5. You have a really nice craft room! And sooo organised ;-)!
    I will have such a room within a year or two (but it won't be as big as yours :-).
    Kind greetings,

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