There is a movement out there, people.

A movement started by someone brave enough to put a name to what we all find ourselves doing (or wish we were doing!) on the weekends.


And not just any stitching.

Hermiting & Stitching.

The kind of stitching where you throw chores and sanity by the wayside and declare that you’re sitting on your rear end ALL WEEKEND and stitching.  The y’all best take care-a y’alls selves ‘cause momma ain’t comin’ outta this room till Part 1 of the Deep Blue Sea is done kind of stitching.

Maybe your IHSW didn’t sound like that…but in my house it did!

All kidding aside, I did work on Deep Blue Sea quite a bit and got SOOO close to the finish line of part one.


I even started on the gold backstitching…which btw is going to take FOR. EV. ER…


If you haven’t tried hermiting…you should.

But if you’re a stitcher/quilter/crafter of any sort…you KNOW you’ve hermited.

You just didn’t know the name of it until now. *wink*

Join in with us next month…you know you want to…

10 thoughts on “IHSW

  1. Found you via Joysze's IHSW!
    Mmm … your colours on Deep Blue Sea are so bright on your black fabric! Loving it! But all that backstitching is a PIT ;-)!
    Love your “dirty talk” to your kids LOL!!! Mine are just to young to keep out (4 and 6) :-)
    Looking forward to new updates!
    Ann from Belgium

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