slow mastery

Every once in a while all of the pieces of life converge together and make you really stop to think about something.  You know…when you’ve been thinking about something in particular, and then you read a random book that talks about that thing…and then you read a blog post…and then have a conversation with your friend…and then BOOM!  Your whole world is trying to tell you something?


I love to craft.  All kinds of crafting.  Sewing, stitching, quilting, knitting, painting, home dec diy crafting…you name it…I’ve done it.  And I love all of it, and don’t want to give up any of it.


But then I ask myself…am I MASTERING any of these crafts?  Am I an expert at any of them?  Or am I crafting just to say that I can…and never really striving for excellence at any of them?

color affection

I’ve been reading this book about a murder mystery.  In the book, the main character is learning how to knit.  She’s easily frustrated…it’s HARD…and she’s not PERFECT at it the first time around.  She wants to be able to knit a beautiful sweater right out of the gate…to be able to sit and talk and knit like all of the other ladies in the knitting group.  In one scene she is literally speaking to the stitch on her left needle…willing it to jump over to the right needle.  After a few hours (yes hours) and really without hardly realizing it, her stitches are coming easier, and she’s no longer willing those stitches to move…they’re moving when she tells them to.  She’s slowly taking the time to master a craft.

We all start somewhere in our crafting.  We all have a first quilt, first scarf, first painting.  I still have my “firsts” of everything.  The first cross-stitching I ever did is a really loosely stitched, horribly self-framed monstrosity of a Santa Claus.  But I proudly display it every year at Christmas time because it reminds me of my past.  It’s my version of an heirloom/memory quilt.

{This} blog post talks about these same thoughts quite nicely.

So, today, as I rush around to purchase the little odd and end pieces I need to finish 4 current knitting WIPs (all shawls!)…I’m going to choose to come home and just sit and practice mastering my art.  I will choose to enjoy the time that it takes to become an expert in this craft that I love so much.

And then tomorrow I’ll master something else Winking smile

9 thoughts on “slow mastery

  1. This post completely speaks to me. I am right there. I want to master the craft I'm trying to learn, right away. I can't stop trying new crafts but along with that comes that time of learning and not having mastered it.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  2. When I was in my early 20's I had a friend tell me that I should only work on one craft – so that I could be a master at it. I thought it would be so awful to devote your whole life to only one craft, when I love them all. But I must admit that I focus on only a few. So I think there is a balance between doing everything and only one thing.

  3. Great post! I think so often, for me, I am just wanting to get to the end of the project, so I can have another finish under my belt, and move onto the next project in line, so this post really touched me, I don't think I have truly “Mastered” the craft at all, I would really like to learn better finishing techniques, maybe I will focus more on that now!

  4. Interesting thoughts. I like to have a few things on the go for variety, but sometimes there are too many unfinished projects, and some of the pleasure is lost worrying about what to do next. Like all things, we need a crafty balance too.

  5. I don't think it's even legal to stick with one craft. Every day I wake up and can't even wait to start something, ANYTHING! Yes, I do finish things….but how boring life would be if we could only have one measly talent. I want to learn something new everyday and put it into practice. Stay busy….life's shorter than we realize.


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