LSU scarves and hat finish

I’m throwing a bunch of finishes at you all at once in this post.  First, because they were super quick finishes, and second, because they’re all going to be used together…more on that in a bit.

First up, the LSU scarves that I knit for my boys.

block scarf

striped scarf

block scarf (2)

striped scarf (2)

These were both knit using Malabrigo Yarn Rasta yarn.  It is the largest, softest, most yummiest yarn I’ve ever seen, or used!  It was a bit like knitting with rope…but awesome rope!  Great easy projects for the boys.

boys and scarves (2)

You can see the details for these scarves {here} and {here} on my ravelry site.

Second is the hat that I knit for my husband, which I’ve called Yellow Twists.


(that’s a pic of me in the picture, not the hubs…but he wouldn’t pose!)

This hat is also knit with Malabrigo Yarn worsted.  It too is a lovely single ply that is super soft and lovely to work with.  The pattern was very easy and nice to memorize, and it was my first project with cables…SO EASY!!!  You can see all of the details for this hat {here} on my ravelry link.

This week we’ll be traveling to MiMi’s house for Thanksgiving, and we’ll also be taking a picture for our Christmas cards…all wearing our new LSU colored knitwear!  Can’t wait to show you the final product!

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