2008 Goals…*hopefully*…

Happy New Year! I was on such a roll…posting 3 days in a row…and of course, life gets in the way. Oh well…but I am back today

Well, my exciting news of the day is that I have “secured” myself a Queen’s Bluebird Box by Just Nan. These were so hard to come by, and my very local LNS didn’t have them ever, so I had to resort to calling around to some not so local LNS…and I have one on hold! I’m very excited Here’s a pic of the project and then also the silks…yummy…


I have recently re-fallen in love with Just Nan, so I’m pumped about finding this little project. And speaking of Just Nan…pics of her new charts are on her site…very cute!!!

I did start my Red Thread yesterday in the car, but no pic yet…it’s a VERY pathetic start! My son is out of town for a few days, so I plan to do lots of stitching!

I don’t know why I’m attempting to set stitching goals for 2008. I know I will not accomplish them. But I seem to remember something about if you put it in writing, you have a better chance of actually completing it.

1. Complete Red Thread Snappers
2. Complete LK Doubles
3. Stitch at least 6 Christmas ornaments
4. Complete the my remaining 6 LK Flip-It Blocks (May-Oct)
5. Complete and finish at least 1 stocking
6. Complete O Beautiful-Shepherd’s Bush
7. Complete Quaker Samplings
8. Complete Shepherd’s Bush Monthly Musings (I have 7 left…I think)
9. End the year with less WIPs than I started it with (I don’t know the actual number right now…mostly because I’m too embarrased to admit what it is…but I will count soon and “own up” to the real number!)

I think that’s not totally outrageous, right!!!

Off to my hot tea and stitching-filled afternoon!!!

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