I have finished 6 blocks for this quilt…and I. LOVE. IT. It’s very nice. OK…so I’m really enjoying quilting right now…and stitching has gone a bit to the back burner…but fret not…I’ll get that stitching mojo back soon (maybe tonight even, since I’m getting to go to stitch-in at my LNS).

A bit about me and quilting: I have never taken any classes or had any training/lessons of any kind. I wish that I had inherited more of my mom’s innate sewing skills…that still remains to be seen. Anyway, I made my first quilt years ago, and it’s really awful as far as “perfect” quilts go. But I love it because it was my first and I made it all by myself. I’m sure that the person who quilted it for me was cringing! I’ve made several more over the years, but looking back, nothing was more than just squares sewn together to make a big square or rectangle, and then I didn’t even do borders or binding. I just sewed them inside out, left a hole in one side, right-sided them out, and then closed the open end. Then I just stitched in the ditch to “quilt” it. Nothing special. So, again, I think the reason that I’m so excited about this one is that for whatever reason…I have all of a sudden “gotten” quilting. My sewing machine and I have made some adjustments today, but we’ve clicked…and this quilt is going to be the beautiful result! So that being said…here’s a few preview pics of this lovely lady! Here’s what those beautiful fabrics became last night…lots and lots of squares…
And this is 2 blocks sewn together (1 block is 1 diamond with the 2 small white triangles at each end).
I sewed two together because I was VERY concerned at how they would look. Being that I have zilcho training in this field…I thought for sure that I had screwed something up because if you look closely at the sides…the diamond looks like it’s off in the middle. But lo and behold…sewn together it’s beautiful! (picture is clickable for a larger view)

Well, that’s about it for my rambling…and I’ll try not to brag too much about this fabric. However…Joanna Figueroa…on the off chance that you’re reading this (very off chance)…I think that you hit a home run with these

March 17, 2009 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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