My quickie update as my schedule is a bit different these days! Even though I’m at home full time, I still have no time…I’m not sure how that works…but maybe in the weeks to come Jack and I will be more accustomed to each other and we’ll be on a better schedule.

Anyway, I finished Sailing Home, and I think it looks great. My mom has taken it to pin, and to look for a frame for it. I can’t wait to have it hanging in Jack’s room! Also, I’ve included some pics of some long ago finishes that are now really, truly finished!

Last but not least…I started “Into the Night” by Shepherd’s Bush the week before Jack was born, and haven’t picked it up since. I had hoped to have it done for Halloween this year, but seeing as it’s two days away…probably won’t happen!

Edited to add: Sorry about the quality of these photos! Don’t know why they look so overexposed…I’ll try and take some better pics later

October 29, 2008 —

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