a little bit of clean up

Have you heard about the project that Vanessa over at V and Co. is hosting?  It’s right up my alley…

I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets last weekend, and I’m donating a TON of stuff to goodwill that I just don’t use anymore.  I mean that set of dishes has been up there for 3 years, since we moved into this house and I’ve never used them even once!  Clearly I used to LOVE that yellow and blue combo of the late nineties… goodwill donation My kitchen cabs are SO MUCH happier now that they have more breathing room.  The next victims of this cleaning are definitely going to be the random hardly ever/never ever used utensil drawers.  There are 3 in my kitchen…and really truly I could do with 1-2. 

A few nights ago, I was attempting to make some updates to the ole’ blog, and boy did I mess it up!  SO unhappy with this new blogger designing thing, and it’s pretty much convinced me that I need to give up blogger and QUICKLY move somewhere else!  It also has convinced me that I need to work on a permanent blog design…i.e. pay someone to come up with a custom layout and design for me.  Any suggestions?

The last clean up item that I’m going to address today will be fun for you…my readers!  This will apply to both stitchers and quilters, as I know that I most assuredly have both types of followers.  I am cleaning out my stash and I’m going to have some giveaways, and some deep deep deep discounted items that I’ll be selling.  Here are the first two items:

The 1st item(s) are my left over fabric from the quilt I made for my niece.  It’s all from the Eden collection by Lila Tueller for MODA.  There are 12 complete layer cake pieces, lots of scraps, and several larger pieces of yardage…a couple of which are at least 1/4 yard or even larger.  I’m asking $15 for the whole lotSOLD!!!eden yardage for saleThe 2nd item(s) are charts by Lizzie Kate.  They are the 12 Flip-It Stamps that came out several years ago.  They have never been used, and they still have the buttons included in each chart.  Each chart retailed for $4, but today I’m selling the whole lot for $10.  SOLD!!!lk flip its for sale

If you are interested in either of these items, please leave a comment here and I’ll respond.  First come, first serve…