Whoa I sure have been busy lately…mostly STARTING things and not too much FINISHING things.

But, I’ve been having fun!

Stella is getting’ her groove back, and I’ve got all of the geese cut for the tiny stars and up on the wall.  (please excuse the odd angle.  I was basically laying on the floor when I took this)

stella 10012011

I’ve been knitting up a storm, and I’m so excited for fall!

I’m about 1/2 way through a cowl.  This is being stitched using Cascade yarn in a gorgeous eggplant color.  The pattern is a freebie found on Ravelry.

eggplant cowl

The most important little tidbit of information about this project is that it is being knitted using the most expensive needles I’ve ever purchased…Lantern Moon circular needles in a size 8.

Lantern Moon

I have to say that I really truly didn’t feel a difference…until I started knitting my next project using regular ole’ bamboo needles (which I thought were pretty awesome until now!)

pink candle flame scarf

This scarf is also from Cascade and I’m using size 8 needles.

The pattern is called candle flame and I found it online on a knitting blog.

candle flame closeup

The pattern for the candle flame scarf has about 40+ rows of pattern, and a 21 row repeat…which is very very very complicated.  I’m hoping that I “get” the pattern a little better as it goes on, but as of now I’m looking at it for every other stitch!

This next yarn project is using some super cheap yarn that I got at Joann’s back in the day…mostly because it was 1/2 off and it was in my favorite color.  It is also a block that I found online on a crochet blog, and it’s going together very easily.

sunburst square afghan block

Three blocks down…who knows how many left to go!

sunburst square afghan block (2)

Last up is just a little something that’s been staring back at me for about a month or so.  This fabric and these threads go with a little fairly big cross-stitch piece that I’ve had my eye on for over a year.  I love the colors so much…and they’re very much out of my “normal” but I love the design (Halloween Rules by Lizzie Kate) and the materials so much I bet I’ll cave soon!

halloween floss toss

So pretty much the only thing that I’m lacking now is time!

October 01, 2011 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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