Yesterday was a sewing day, and today was a stitching day.

A whole lotta blue stitching.

Last night during my online computer time, I finally got the nerve and posted my very meager progress on the Official Group Forum.  And since I’d like to not completely embarrass myself with only one lonely progress pic, I decided to get to work on this beast beauty!

So, after about 3.5 hours of stitching today, here’s where I stand:

DBS 02262012

And so you don’t have to scroll back a few posts…here’s where it was before today:

Deep Blue Sea 02192012

I love that it’s actually starting to take some shape and look like what I know to be the center of this gorgeous design!  I’m still way behind, but definitely getting more and more motivated with each stitch!

Also noteworthy is that my stitches seem to be improving a bit as I get back into the swing of stitching again.  {some of those gold colored stitches are SCARY!}  I used to pride myself in my very neat stitches…so I’d like to get back to them soon!  Like riding a bike…I hope…

February 26, 2012 —

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