This weekend I finished the baby quilt for my friend’s baby.


The backing is made from some extra yardage, and the quilt tag (my first ever) is white fabric edged in some coordinating fabric from the front of the quilt.


I don’t know that my method for the label is conventional, but it’s definitely OK in the end…I think.


The quilting is free-motion for the entire thing.  It is the first time that I’ve done an entire free-motion on my own.  Well…the first time to do a quilt of this size.  I can see how it could be VERY addicting.

free motion quilting

And in the interest of being completely and totally transparent here on this blog Winking smile I will reveal a deep dark secret about this quilt.

I messed up.  And kept it in the quilt.  On the front.


After I sewed the binding to the front and was flipping it to the back, I realized that there was a strip of fabric that didn’t make it under the binding.  It was too short.  So, I just did a decorative stitch to hold it down, and left it.  I mean, shoot me, but I wasn’t going to undo the whole thing…


especially when you can’t really tell in the end result.

February 08, 2011 —

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