I feel like I’m getting my groove back a bit.

I got a new camera, a Nikon D5000 (DSLR).  I’m really bad at it so far.  It’s so easy to get sucked into the fairy tale of pictures that people post on their sites that are SO gorgeous.  Mine are definitely no Pioneer Woman photos yet, but maybe someday

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Soooo, what does a new camera for me mean for you?  Posts that have decent pictures again!

Woo Hoo!

My CGQC goals were pretty simple this time around, and even though it’s not quite deadline time, I’ll share my progress.

1.  Finish making the two pillows for my future sleeper sofa in the sewing room.   ONE DONE, ONE TO GO.aqua msl pillow front

aqua msl pillow back

Apparently Jack really needed to get in the chair!  He’s my best helper my sewing helper

2.  Keep up with the Fat Quarter Shop blocks of the month.  Block 2 just arrived and I’m hoping to get it out of the way pretty soon. DONE!  I’ve completed blocks 1, 2 and 3!bom 2010 block1 bom 2010 block2bom 2010 block3Oh, that last picture…yeah, I didn’t crop it on purpose.  Crazy angle I caught there, straight up from the ironing board.  Yes, those are my fat ankles…but my toes are clean and painted blue  

3.  Go see Eclipse with girlfriends.  Definitely didn’t happen

4.  Paint and put together the bunk beds for the boys’ room.  This will be “officially” putting the boys to sleep in the same room.  DONE DONE DONE!!!…more pics on this in the next post.

5.  Finish two sections of my cross stitching project…Sweet Treats.  DONE!!!  Two out of 6 sections done, and some of the outer border too!

SO, all in all, not too bad.  3.5 out of 5.  I’m pretty pleased with that!  I still have a couple weeks to finish that last pillow, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to squeeze in a flick.  Oh well.  I’ll get it on Netflix!

All that sewing and crafting has left my sewing room in quite a mess!crazy sewing roomcrazy sewing room (2)crazy sewing room (4)I guess I know what my next project is…CLEANING UP!!!

Until then…happy stitching

August 15, 2010 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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