Blackbird Freebie finished!

I jumped on this band wagon like 3 weeks ago…but I only finished this design yesterday! Oh well…but I did finish in time for the contest. This the the sampler freebie found here on Blackbird Designs’ blog. I definitely had a fun time stitching this one! I personalized it for my favorite great-grandparent…my MaMa. Her name was Merle Mandart, and she was born in 1901. Her favorite color was purple and she loved flowers and had them all over her house. To this day, I still think about her and wish that she could have been around to meet my husband and my children. She would have loved them!

We had a VERY busy weekend, so I was only able to finish this design. Maybe tonight (after I recover from outdoor birthday party!) I will be able to sit down and stitch a little bit before an early bedtime!

Happy stitching!

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