Last week there was a “little” giveaway happening in the quilt/bloggie world.

You may have seen it here.  Thelma of Cupcakes and Daisies had her 100th post giveaway, and I WON!!!!  146 comments…and my little ole’ number was chosen! 

I chose a $100 gift certificate to Cotton Charm Quilts.  Kelly’s customer service is SOOOO superb.  I placed my order at about 9:30 am and I got a notification at about 1:30 pm that my order had shipped!  That means I’ll probably get it this weekend!!!

I’ll share pics of the haul when it gets here.  But I’ll tell you that it definitely involves some of this

Oh, and also I feel compelled to let you know that I’m laying off the giveaways for a while.  I mean, it just seems right

Happy Stitching/Quilting…or whatever you’re doing this evening.

February 10, 2010 —

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