Well, today is a frantic race to the finish line…and the finish line is tomorrow at 5:50 pm!  That’s when we leave for Vegas to visit Aunt Susan and Uncle Will for Thanksgiving!  All of us are super excited…  I am really a packing procrastinator…and I’ve barely started.  But, rest assured, we will be ready for tomorrow!

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a few things to get ready for the holidays.

Remember this?  From sometime in the summer?DSCN0479 Well, now it’s COMPLETELY finished and looks like this:Peyton's Quilt Finished Peyton's Quilt Finished (5) Peyton's Quilt Finished (2) Peyton's Quilt Finished (6) I’m so happy to have this one finished.  I used a professional quilter for the first time since my first quilt…and I’m absolutely THRILLED with the results.  Hopefully sometime today or tomorrow I’ll be dropping off two more quilts for her to work on!

Also, I’ve been working on my Picnic Schnibbles for the November challenge.  Here is how it looks right now…picnic schnibbles (2)I’d really like to have this finished in time for the reveal on December 1st, but I’m definitely not holding my breath!  That would require me to finish it either today (probably NOT) or in the day or two that we get back from Vegas (more likely!).

I also just finished the center block for my BOM.  It’s really pretty…BOM centerAs always, it’s using those Glace fabrics that are gorgeous!  This is actually a fairly good representation of the colors.  That bottom left corner is a bit washed out from the sun…but the center is really really close to life…

On the cross-stitching front, since finishing Jack’s stocking, I’ve been working on Mirabilia’s (Nora Corbett) Bluebell Fairy/Pixie.  She’s really cute!  It’s definitely quite a change from my Shepherd’s Bush/LHN designs that I’ve been working on lately.  All of that shading really makes a huge difference.

OK, that’s it for me.    Off to go do some packing for Vegas.  I will definitely have some pictures of our adventures there.

I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with Family and Friends…and eat lots of pie

November 23, 2009 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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