Done for now

I pulled Sailing Home back out so that I could finish the boats and the stars. I’m now done with this one until Jack is born! These pics are fairly true to color…well, maybe they’re slightly darker in real life…but they’re REALLY close!

I ran by my LNS today…literally in and out in under 2 minutes…to pick up my ornament issue and the pattern for the stocking I will do for Jack. I picked out another Shepherd’s Bush pattern so that it will coordinate with Nicholas’ stocking. Nicholas has Reed’s stocking and Jack will have Brett’s stocking…here’s pics of both from the SB website.

Well gang, that’s about it for now! Can’t remember if I mentioned this a while back, but my LNS got my thread in so that I can finish my Coq au Pins…so I guess I should finish that one up pretty quickly before I venture on to the next project. Although some of the new ornaments in that mag are calling my name

Happy Stitching to all!