NOTE FOR ALL iTUNES WATCHERS:  I am im the process of making some major blog updates, which is going to mean that the show will not push over to iTunes for several episodes.  The show will continue to be available on YouTube.  The link (and embedded video link) will be available here, and shownotes will still be available.  I hope that this small inconvenience will be remedied quickly as I make some new and exciting changes!


  • Houston Fiber Festival…and my shop is on vacation until around July 20th.
  • Thank you again to my sweet anonymous viewer who finished my color affection
  • Bijou Basin giveaway.  Please make sure to go over to the Suburban Stitcher ravelry group to enter



Spinning:  still working on my Agate fiber from Three Waters Farm

Hello Lovelies:

Questions answered about needle storage:

  • I have three sewn (by my mom) needle holders: one for circulars, one for dpns, and one for longer straights.  They are all very light and compact and I can easily travel with them if needed.  I love them.
  • I do NOT like knitting with 9″ circs.  They hurt my hands.
  • I DO like knitting with Knitters Pride Nova Platina needles.  And Signature needles.  Those are my two favorites (Signature dpns only, and both Signature and KP Nova Platina circs).  I would use all of these exclusively if possible.
July 12, 2015 —
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