I’m even closer to the finish of the BOM.  I still love every minute.

block 10 finished

Over the next week or so…you’ll be seeing some new projects on this blog.  Some quilty…some stitchy…and some home dec related.  But, hopefully, you’ll find at least one thing that interests you and keeps you coming back. 

And on that note:  just want to give a big virtual hug and big thank you to all of my followers and commenters out there.  In this world of blogs with hundreds and thousands of followers…it’s crazy how going from 137 to 138 followers can make your day…but it can.  I love hearing your feedback on what I’m working on…and love visiting your sites too.  So, from this amateur blogger to all of you out there…whoever and whatever you are…thank you.

March 15, 2011 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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