Well, this weekend was filled with family and friends…the best kind of weekend!

  • Friday night was neighborhood cookout…and this went into the WEE hours of the morning.
  • Saturday we played around the house and then went to hubby’s family in North Houston for food and karaoke! (pic is hubby on left, Grumpsers (hubby’s dad) in middle, and Uncle Mike (hubby’s brother) on right). They always sing a trio for karaoke!

  • Sunday was birthday party (Hailey loved the blanket, by the way!). As soon as she saw the blanket, she “knew” what it was and ran upstairs to grab a baby. Only when the baby was sufficiently sleeping under the baby quilt was the opening of presents allowed to continue!

Due to the busy weekend…today called for a much slower pace. On the agenda:

  • prepare Crockpot meal (recipe courtesy of Aunt Susan!) and it’s something that even Nicholas will eat! It’s a new favorite…Italian Chicken… It doesn’t look like much now, but come 6:00 tonight…it will be AWESOME!!

  • work on teacher gifts (last day of school is Friday)
  • play lots of playstation

  • lay around all day!

We’ve pretty much accomplished everything on the agenda so far!

What are you doing today?

June 15, 2009 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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