I am a lover of all crafts. It is definitely my therapy.

I am also a lover of being comfortable in my home, whether it be because of the people in it, or the way that the house itself looks.

I love the process. Don’t get me wrong…I love finished results, but I {heart} the process of doing things. I think this is why I have so many projects that are finished, but not finished…know what I mean?

I spend so much time reading blogs and catching up on the beautiful things out there in the world of cross-stitch, quilting, and knitting. And I also love looking at all of the blogs out there that have to do with decorating, nesting, etc.

I have come to the realization that I have too much that I want to do.

I mean for real…look at this: (picture from ThriftyDecorChic)

I mean who couldn’t whip this up?!!! Right??!!

And have you heard about this, quilters out there?

Month one is done, and now it’s month two…and I want to join, but I’m behind…but look at all of these pics

I don’t have any of those schnibbles patterns, but boy golly I sure am coveting them now! I {heart} charm packs, and what a fantastic way to use them!

Maybe I’ll just keep coveting and adding to my evergrowing list!!!!
October 01, 2009 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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