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My decorating style is a bit traditional, and it usually doesn’t involve gold frames.

That being said, some of my favorite pieces in my house are my finished stitchings, and those ARE in gold frames.  Although I can definitely appreciate a good gallery wall using all black frames…the stitching that I do doesn’t always lend itself to black!  I am a firm believer in framing to match the stitching…not to match the house! 

These lovely ladies used to be spread all over the house, but recently I decided that I wanted to have them in one spot…and the stitching corner was born!

Lavender and Lace Stitching corner

Couldn’t get a picture without glare…but you get the idea.  All of these are oddly enough by Lavender & Lace.  Two were stitched by me (the two on the right) and one by a dear friend right after my first son was born.

Lavender and Lace Stitching corner (5)

Lavender and Lace Stitching corner (3)

Lavender and Lace Stitching corner (4)

As stitchers (or “crafters” of any type) it seems like we always have WIPs…and usually those are what we end up seeing on blogs…projects in progress…to maybe or maybe not ever be finished.  I thought it would be nice to show you some of my finished works…and how I’m displaying them in my home.

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February 04, 2012 —

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