First 2009 Finish!

Yesterday I woke up at 4:15 for what I thought was just a mid-night feeding…and really it turned into being awake for the day. So, when I became truly aware that this was “good morning,” I promptly started my coffee pot (at 4:35 am…which is just wrong!) and decided that I needed to stitch on something new. I pulled out this cute little project by Cat’s Whiskers called Love Laugh Survive Thrive, and by 6:30 am I had completed all of the stitch for this wee little project. I went to Hobby Lobby later in the morning to pick up the rest of the supplies that it called for to completely finish and assemble. And…by 6:00 pm last night, it was TOTALLY done! I must say that it’s very nice (and rare!) to complete something from A to Z in one day! Here’s some pictures…

I used all of the recommended fabric and fibers for this project. I think that my favorite part…that you can’t even see!…is the pink and white polka dot fabric that I used for the lining! So cute
Also, here’s my progress on Peppermint Lane. I REALLY want to finish this soon! I’m hoping to get some time in on it tonight during the Super Bowl.
Here’s hoping that we all plenty of “couch time” today thanks to football!

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