My hobbies are expensive.

Like super duper that fabric/yarn/pattern was HOW MUCH? expensive.

And sometimes, I feel guilty for the money that I spend on this art of mine.

Am I being selfish?  Should I be saving more?  Giving more?  Spend less time in the studio?

When I first started stitching and sewing, it was because I wanted to create things that my family could use…and LOVE…and pass through the generations.  I was jealous of those who had family heirloom quilts…and wanted that for my family too.

early morning blankets

This morning when I woke up (too early, I might add) I heard the boys arguing over blankets.  They were arguing over who got to use the “momma” blankets (quilts I made) and who had to use the “green” blanket (cheap store bought fleece throw).

early morning blankets (2)

Knowing that my boys love the blankets just as much as I do is an amazing thing.  They choose their momma’s blanket over the store’s blanket…and that makes it worth it.

This weekend, as many of you will enjoy a 3-day weekend, I hope that you will take time to enjoy your family and friends.  We will be enjoying lots of lazy hours together, swimming, eating, playing, and reflecting on the amazing sacrifice that was made for us so many years ago.

April 06, 2012 —

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