We are going to a birthday party this weekend for our neighbor’s daughter, Hailey, who is turning 5. Hailey is a very girly little girl, and what little girl wouldn’t love a pretty pink quilt for her dolls? I don’t know of one…

One of the most exciting things about this quilt is that it was made 100% from stash! This is a first for me (in quilt-making, that is!), as I’m a relatively new quilter/sewer. I used some of my leftover Sultry honey bun strips from this project. I sewed two groups of 3 strips together, cut them into 3.5 inch blocks, and then alternated them to get this sort of basketweave look. It’s a style that I’ve wanted to replicate since seeing it done here. I have also wanted to do some cross-hatch quilting, so I did both with this one and it turned out pretty cute! The back is just plain white, same as the border.

I think that Hailey’s dolls will feel very luxurious with their new bedding, don’t you?

June 12, 2009 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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