Well, many reasons for a hallelujah today. First and most exciting…they’ve finally started our house! They scraped the lot last Thursday, Friday they framed out for the slab, and today they put in the sand to level inside the slab area. I need to take my camera out there…as crazy as it sounds, I want pictures of all of these steps.

Second reason for hallelujah is that I’ve been able to stitch a lot lately! That’s really unusual. I don’t know if Nicholas is finally growing up or what, but it’s certainly helping with my stitching time! Easter Parade is coming along quite nicely. Still haven’t pulled Eggs out of the car
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I’ve had a lot of fun lately reading other people’s stitching blogs…and it’s definitely inspiring me to stitch more…and blog more. I haven’t advertised this blog yet, but soon…

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