He’s coming home!

OK…I do post about family, but it’s usually just my immediate family. This was deserving of a little attention, though, so bear with me!

My brother in law is an Air Force Captain, and has been deployed overseas for the last several months. We just found out that he’s coming home tomorrow night! SOOOOO excited!
So, USAF Captain Brother-in-Law, just for your return home, I FINALLY got my American Flag hung today! Just now! Just for you! {insert smiling face of BIL and Aunt Susan here}
If you have a member of the military in your family, or a friend, or anyone that you know, past or present…please give them a HUGE hug and say “Thanks for being in harm’s way for me! Thanks for being away from your family for a long time for me. Thanks for missing lots of things ’cause you’re overseas for me…and my kids…and for all of us.”

I think that’s it. Just super excited here in Texas for this guy to get home!

In other news, I did work on my Shores last night, but not enough progress to post a pic. Will do that later today or tomorrow.

Happy Stitching…and remember what I said…seriously, go hug someone today!

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