When I left you before, the kid table and chairs were kind of in limbo-undone land. So, 1 crazy fast trip to Wally World and to Hobby Lobby for more spray paint and a cool stencil. (Sidebar…while at HL a couple of super cute-can’t pass them up wall hangings just fell into my basket…don’t know how…but they’re perfect in the kitchen!)
Back to the original story. So I came home, threw the kiddos in the pool, and finished those tables. And now they’re DONE DONE!
And I still {heart} them just as much as before…maybe more…because they make more sense in my house now. Even hubby agrees that they don’t look as “dirty” as they did…(see, honey!) And as promised, I did add a little number stencil to the chairs. And I love that too! Nicholas has already declared that he is the number 1 chair, because “1 is his favorite”…as if we didn’t know…
And, while the black spray paint was out, I went ahead and fixed my step stool that I keep in the kitchen. This beauty was just raw natural wood when we got it from IKEA for the grand total of about $20 (worth every penny if you have small kids…and still worth it even if you don’t!). I painted it black right away (again…small kids) and attempted a stencil in red that didn’t work AT ALL. And it sat there…looking gross for a while. So, again, while the spray paint was out, I sanded off that old stencil, spray painted again, and put a new stencil on it…
See much better! Even Superman thinks it’s better! However, I do think that Superman needs to invest some time and energy thinking about some summer attire. Those long-sleeves sure get hot when it’s 103 degrees outside!
(oh…pay no attention to the piles of junk on the counter, dirty cabinets and dirty floors…we live in this house, OK?!!)

The sewing project was such a quick little cutie! So this is the 3rd project that I’ve completed using that now infamous Sultry Honey Bun.
For those keeping count:

  • 1. Carry Me Bag by Bunny Hill Designs
  • 2. Doll Quilt (for Hailey)

This little bag was so cute, and it matches the knitting bag nicely! You can find the pattern here.
Hope that you all have a great weekend planned!

June 26, 2009 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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