I’m back.
For better or for worse! (If you’re reading this, then hopefully you think it’s for the better!)

Hubby got a new camera today (from me…for birthday that’s coming up, and also for early father’s day) so that means that you get updates from me again!

I finished the quilting and binding on the Patisserie quilt top, and it’s AWESOME! Nicholas and I have already given it the “official” cuddle test, and it’s a keeper. MiMi…you’re one lucky gal

Because of my little quilting bug here lately, not much stitching has taken place…and when it has taken place it’s involved new starts…hmmm… I’ll try and take some pics of all of that later. For now I’ll show you a bit of my progress on Geranium House. These are DEFINITELY taken with the new camera…and the colors and details are so right on…
That’s about it for now, peeps. Make sure that you keep comin’ back now. I’ll have updates daily of what’s been happening during my blogging hiatus! Oh, and make sure to check my sidebar for some new blogs. I’ve found some great ones over the last month!

Happy Stitching/Quilting/crafting…or just Happy Day!

May 23, 2009 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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