I might be caving…

We all know that Becky is a huge fan of bees, and Vonna has stitched her Bee Man’s Garden and teased us all with the now imminent release of the 3rd book of charts which will contain all of the series (picture shamelessly borrowed from Vonna’s blog)…

I think that I’m going to also be a fan of all things “Bee.”

I finished the Sam Sarah B is for Bee a few months back…and since then I’ve been looking around and there are SOOO many cute Bee things in stitching.

Article 1 (from Kelmscott Designs):

Articles 2& 3 (by Wendy KC Designs…who BTW is new to me…):

Article 4 (Birds of a Feather…and this one is already in my stash):

That one I particularly love because the first line contains the words “The Bee sucks.”  Yes I know that it’s just the first three words of the whole sentence…but it’s funny to me

I know that there are a MILLION more out there…but these just caught my eye this morning as I was perusing the WWW. 

What’s been catching your eye lately?

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