No camera yet…but I do have a few pics that EVENTUALLY I’ll be able to show. I took a couple of things along to my Easter weekend with family…just so I could get some pics to post! However, I don’t have them yet…but when I do…you know where to look!!

I finished stitching LHN’s Liberty and Justice this morning. It was really an enjoyable stitch. It felt different than many LHN’s for some reason…maybe because usually there’s a giant house or something…? Anyhow…it was really fun, and easy, and it’s so cute…and darnit…no pic yet

That’s about it. I’m home for one last day today, then back to work tomorrow. I’m hoping to get a bit of stitching and sewing done. Aunt Susan (my sister) is here visiting today to help out with Jack, so maybe I’ll get more done than I think

Happy Stitching!

April 13, 2009 —

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