ironing shirtsI didn’t get a present for Valentine’s Day this year. We didn’t have the money.

I did, however, get to iron shirts for my husband, because we’re trying not to spend the money on dry cleaning.

Valentine’s night, while millions of other couples were eating out and opening presents together, I spent 2.5 hours ironing 10 dress shirts.

I knew all along that I wouldn’t receive a present to open. My husband isn’t the flowers/chocolates/romantic gesture kind of guy. He never has been. I knew this when I married him.

He is however, the budgeting/planning/providing kind of guy. He always has been. I knew this when I married him.

This year on Valentine’s Day, when the whole world was focused on giving trinkets in small boxes, candies that get eaten up, and flowers that eventually die, my husband was giving me gifts that last far beyond the last flower stem or chocolate-covered cherry will. Things like:

  • taking our oldest boy to the baseball park to play t-ball while our youngest took a nap; thereby giving me ALONE TIME.
  • helping me completely vacuum, mop and steam clean EVERY. SINGLE. floor in the house.
  • making sure that the littlest boy has a chance to wrestle with his brother and daddy every night.

And as much as I sometimes wish that I could get those presents in the small boxes, I’ll gladly unwrap the gifts of time, PRESENCE, and provision that he blesses me with ANY. DAY.

And I’ll iron his shirts any day, too.

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February 16, 2010 —

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