This seemed to take forever to finish…couldn’t be the newborn in the house! Once I got it all stitched and beaded, the “finishing” only took about 1.5 hours to complete…not bad! I did leave off the pearls in the center of the ribbons…just didn’t care for them. Oh, and you’ll have to excuse the blurry pics…I just wanted to get these up, so my “staging” wasn’t the greatest

Our house has been the infirmary for the last week. Nicholas was home from school Thursday and Friday because he was sick, and now I’ve been quarantined to the bedroom all day with some sort of stomach bug Thank goodness for wonderful husbands! I’ve been able to stay in bed basically all day, and all I’ve had to do was feel Jack. He’ll probably be the only one out of all of us to stay well, thanks to the strict diet of breastmilk that he’s been getting!

November 23, 2008 —

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