lazy busy day

If that title isn’t an oxymoron, then I don’t know what is!

Josh had surgery yesterday, so today was to be a lazy, hang around the house day.

I unpacked the knitting…getting ready for the laziness:

yarn projects 12302011

but then I get a call from IKEA…my couches are being delivered today?!?!  SURE!

new couch covers

Exciting times here…we’re making a very big shift in how things look…color and style wise.  Think lighter and brighter…

So what was once this (not bad…just very brown and very heavy-feeling)…

living room May-June 2011

is now this:

new couches

Next up for the living room?  Painting the walls a shade darker than they are now, replacing the curtains with something lighter, and new rug…I’m thinking sisal…any opinions?

Also…something I’m LOVING in my new room…my new quilt rack designed and made by my brother-in-law…the Air Force pilot.  It has adjustable rails so that you can change it based on the thicknesses of your quilts that you hang here.  I love it…and feel completely spoiled!

quilt rack

Perhaps tomorrow…an actual crafting post!

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