The post below is one that has been sitting in my drafts since Sept. 29, 2014.  I discovered it today when I sat down to write a blog post, and realized that everything I wanted to say was already here.  All of the words are exactly perfect for this time of year.  This time of reflection.

Happy New Year to you all.


Some days I have lots of words.

Some days words escape me.

In 2014 I have had a lot of “new” things happen in my life.  New job.  New hours.  New opportunities.  All of these things were amazing, wonderful things in my life.  Things like the new job and new hours?  Well those are two things that I have desired deep deep down in my soul for some time.  When people asked me “what is your dream?” I don’t know that I would have said “new job.”  Clearly, however, that is obviously what the plan was.

And the best part?  It’s better for me than I could have ever imagined.

So, why am I here talking about a new job and new hours today…with a blog post titled “love and gratitude”?  Because I wouldn’t have this new job if it wasn’t for the love of friends.  One friend is a woman who I am confident prays for me and wants nothing but the best “me” for me.  She is someone who didn’t need to fix anything in my life, but just prayed for me, and LOVED me, and trusted that there was a plan for me.  The other is a woman who had a job opportunity that she believed was good for me, and even though I told her no…for months…she kept coming back and asking me about it.  She was listening to the whispers that God was putting in her heart and kept coming back.  I decided to take a leap of faith into the unknown, I have a new job and a new career…and more time with my family.

There have been immediate benefits to this new job, such as fewer hours.  Early on I spent these new found hours knitting (I’m not even gonna try and hide that).  Now that I’m settling in a bit and getting more accustomed to the new routine, I’m finding myself doing things like (gasp!) the dishes.  And laundry.  And vacuuming.  And sewing more for Suburban Stitcher.  I have been able to create two awesome sock knitting kits with my dear friends (Cherie/KirbyWirby & Vanessa/Vintage Rose) and I feel quite confident that they would not have been as awesome if I hadn’t had the time to commit to them.  Our kit that we released on Saturday night sold out in 30 seconds.  I logged on at the exact update time and the kits were all gone.  Y’all rock.

Y’all are getting a lot of words today…but yet I find that I’m lacking words at the same time.  I feel I’m lacking the appropriate words to say how immensely grateful I am to YOU.  My readers, podcast watchers, and shop patrons.  Y’all are totally awesome.  You high-five me when I’ve knitted some amazing thing, and (more amazingly) you keep watching when I’m totally scattered and unprepared to podcast.  Y’all hug me when I’m blubbering about celiac and cancer and all of those yucky things.  Y’all stretch me creatively to try and be a better shop owner.  And for all of that I’m grateful.

To my all of my friends and to this amazing community at large, I say thank you.  Thank you for believing in me and not taking no for an answer.  Thank you for loving me, and for encouraging me to be my best me.  I am really, truly grateful.

December 30, 2014 —

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