Well, I’ve stuck to my word and continued work on this project. I really am enjoying it, and I’ve been able to get over half of the body of the rooster completed. I had to order more of the SNC Ecru from my LNS, as what I have will definitely not finish the job. So, I’ll continue on until I run out of thread! I must also apologize for this picture…thanks to Hurricane Dolly, we’re extremely overcast here outside of Houston and I had to put this on my island with the lights on to get any kind of picture…but you get the idea

On other news fronts, my husband and I started painting baby Jack’s room yesterday. It’s a blue not to dissimilar to the color of this fabric, actually! We got about 1/3 done…the big wall is done. Now just lots of edging around doors and windows and we’ll be complete. I envision us being completely finished with the painting of the walls by tomorrow. We have to wait until Nicholas takes a nap, because as much as he wants to help, he certainly does impede the progress!

July 23, 2008 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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