Since I own up to being a knitter and crochetter {is that how you spell it?} in my blog profile, it’s probably about time that I finished a project and showed it to you, huh?!

This project is not only my first finished CROCHET project, but it’s also my first project using REAL yarn from a yarn store.  And I will say…I’m definitely sold on the superior-ness of that yarn store yarn.  FABULOUS.

red wool inauguration hat

Hat stats:

Pattern is the Inauguration Hat found on  You do have to be a member, but it’s free and a completely amazing wealth of knowledge.  I stitched this pretty much exactly as the design called for, with the exception of increasing to 7 dc in between posts.  The pattern suggested only up to 5 or 6, but I thought it seemed too small to fit my head.  In actuality it turned out a bit big, and I had to dc down to 6 to get the length in the hat.  So pretty much that means that the designer knew exactly what they were talking about and I should have listened…but you know…me and my big head…{btw…that just completely exhausted my knowledge of crochet…in that one single description of this hat and how I made it}

Yarn is a red wool bought at a fancy yarn store in Sugar Land, Texas.

No I didn’t save the type or color or do anything smart like that.  I didn’t really think that far in advance.  I’m actually fairly certain that I threw my bubblegum away in the label that came with this yarn.

For the sake of posterity…I feel compelled to express a few things at this point:

1.  I hate taking pictures of myself.  Particularly at the end of a day when I have no makeup on.

2.  The bow on the brim of the hat really doesn’t seem that big in person…but then again…I’m not looking at myself when I wear it.

3.  It takes an embarrassingly huge number of really bad self portraits to come up with 1 mediocre one of a completed red wool inauguration hat.  All I want to know is…where am I SUPPOSED to look when taking a self portrait in a mirror?

And in the spirit of this post…I will leave you with a few of the outtakes…photos that didn’t quite make the cut for the “official” inauguration hat picture.




Happy stitching/crocheting/knitting everyone Winking smile

March 02, 2011 —

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