Needleroll finish and Ike survival…

Well, we survived Hurricane Ike! At my house in Richmond, which is SW of Houston, we had 70 mph winds, but really not much damage. My house is just over 1 year old, and was built to post-Katrina codes, so we faired well. That combined with the fact that because it’s a new neighborhood, there are no big trees to fall and do damage! So, no tree damage, no lost shingles. Our only “casualty” was a hibiscus bush that looked like it exploded, but other than that, no problems.

I stitched a bit over the last week or so. I’ve been off work due to the storm, and I was able to start and finish a complete project! I stitched this Shepherd’s Bush needle roll during the Ike days the last few days. I’m very pleased how it turned out. This is my 4th needle roll to date, and I can tell a vast improvement in my hemstitching skills!

Shepherd’s Bush School Needle Roll
Started 9-11-08
Finished 9-16-08

Other Shepherd’s Bush news…have you seen the new designs? These are my personal favorites:

Scatter Pumpkins

Glad Tidings Sampler

Glad Tidings Fob

On a completely different note, my husband (just in the last 5 minutes) alerted me that he has FINALLY installed the garage door opener at our house! Woo Hoo!!! His deadline was the birth of our new baby, so he’s exactly 1 month ahead of schedule!

Happy Stitching to all!!!