Well folks…it’s official.

I’ve lost my mind…gone off the deep end…and done something really crazy.


That’s right…I’m going to start podcasting.

This will be fun.

I hope you will stick with me and watch soon.

It will be a bit of whatever I’m working on at the time, whether it be knitting, stitching, or sewing related.

I do know that RIGHT NOW you can do a search for Suburban Stitcher on iTunes…and you’ll find me.  {WHAT?!?!…that’s crazy!!!!!!}

I will have a group on Ravelry…actually it might already be up as we speak…but it’s empty and boring right now…but will be fun soon!

As always you can find me on Instagram as suburbanstitcher, Twitter as suburbanstitch, and Ravelry as dbbstitch.

If you have something you want to see or hear about…please tell me!

Until next time…

August 02, 2013 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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