my life changed completely…again.ultrasound0001 

My heart grew bigger than I ever knew it could.email6

We gained a big brother and a little brother all at the same time.email1

I knew that you would be a cuddler even before you were born.  And I was proven right.DSCN0809

You have a smile that never quits, and a temper that never does either (thank you Grandpa Jack).DSCN0054 

You LOVE your big brother, almost as much as you love your food, and that makes my heart happy.IMG_3322

You are so courageous, and I can already see your passion for exploration. DSCN0739 

I pray that this will blossom into a desire to explore your Lord Jesus Christ and that you will LOVE and desire Him more than anyone or anything else  in this world.DSCN0653

I love that you COMPLETED our family, and that you have taught me how to love more completely in the process.IMG_3217 

You are so sweet, my little Jack.  I love you more than my heart can stand.DSCN0875

Happy 1st Birthday.DSCN0884

October 13, 2009 —

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