Patisserie top finished…and birthday gift received!

I finished my Patisserie quilt top (I know…duh…the title told you this!)…and it’s BEA.U.TI.FUL. It’s a gift for my mother, and she got a chance to see the finished top a few days ago. I’m fairly certain that she likes it

I also received notification that Sheila in SPAIN received the birthday award that I sent to her! My hint was that it was going to be something handmade by me and that it was involving 1 of my 5 addictions that we discussed so many months ago. Well, this is what I made her:
I made this coffee apron…from a SUPER AWESOMELY simple pattern found here… I also sent along a pound of my favorite plasma…I mean coffee (Community Coffee Medium Roast). I put it all in a matching little coffee bag…but I didn’t take a pic of that. (Thank you to my sister Susan who modeled this for me).

That’s about it for me here. I have been working on THE Blackbird freebie that’s flying all over the net, but alas…no camera to take pics with (sidebar…the above pics were taken with MiMi’s camera and then emailed to me!). I’m hoping to finish this little chart up and submit it for the contest by Sunday! Fingers Crossed!!!

Happy Stitching…and Happy Weekend to you all!