First up:  Project updates.

I’m actually UP. TO. DATE. on my FQS BOM (wow that’s a lot of acronyms…). 

Block 3 is my most recent finish.

BOM #3And here’s block 1…cause I don’t think that I ever showed it to y’all:

BOM #1  Here’s blocks 1, 2 and 3:

BOM 123When I looked at all of these together, I thought to myself…hmmm…self…that block #1 looks a bit smaller than the other ones.  So I measured them all, and sho nuff, that block #1 is exactly 3/8 of an inch TOO SMALL!  All around!  I mean I can fudge with an 1/8th…but 3/8ths…that’s really really really off!  They’re supposed to be  12.5” squares, and it is definitely 11 7/8” square.  Well, one day I’ll pull it apart, but today is not that day.  I can already tell how much my piecing has improved just over 3 months.

My latest quilt top finish was a fun little “just cause” gift from my mom.  I got it about 2 1/2 weeks ago, when she was picking up my kiddos…and I think I started it like a day or two later.  It uses the Nature’s Chorus line of fabrics. 

Nature's Chorus Lap Quilt

I will say that it was definitely not one that I would have jumped at just looking at it alone.  However, this chart paired it with some dark Moda Marbles, and boy does it work well!  The shop that my mom visited in Estes Park had this as a model, and my mom bought the stuff to make it exactly as the model/chart prescribed!  It finishes out to 45×45…so it will be a nice small lap size or crib size quilt.  I might even turn it into a wall hanging for my house…the colors are so nice!  (This pic is a bit overexposed, so the colors are a tad richer and deeper than this shows).

Second update:  Boys first day of school.

My boys go to a preschool program that didn’t start until yesterday.  The way that my husband’s and my schedules work out, he takes them to school and I pick up in the afternoon.  So, naturally, I laid out their clothes for the first day, had everything packed and ready to go so that he didn’t even have to think.  The one thing I forgot to remind him was to take the first day of school picture!  So, when I set out to load my pics today of my quilt updates, I was very surprised to see these on the camera:

First Day of School 2009 (2)First Day of School 2009 I. LOVE. that he took the time to take these…and that it was a sweet surprise that I got on my camera today!

First Day of School 2009 (3)Ha!  Had to throw that one in too!   Love ya babe!

September 09, 2009 —

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