Prom and Autumn House

Last night I chaperoned prom for the high school I work at. It was a lot of fun…however staying out until 2:30 A.M. and getting to church for 7:30 definitely hurt this morning

Here’s a pic of Autumn House. I had definitely put this to the side for a while and finally I’ve brought it out to work on again. The original pattern for this called for the entire background to be filled in, and I’ve decided that I didn’t really care for how that looked so I’m basically almost done with it now…just have to finish the border and add the acorn charm on the left hill.
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I really am going to try and be like the “good” bloggers out there and post something everyday. That’s pretty ambitious, but even if it’s just an update with no pic, I think that I’m going to try it…we’ll see

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