Rainman with a side of Gone with the Wind

I think that I channel a bit of Rainman.

You know…the Dustin Hoffman character in that movie with Tom Cruise (before he was a couch jumper psycho)…

Last night while sewing, I was almost done with Madeline…I mean ALMOST!  I went into the kitchen to iron what I had just sewn…I looked at the clock…and it said 9:59.  I then realized that my entire house was already asleep.  Immediately I had this feeling in me, almost overwhelming, that told me that it was bedtime and I had to stop.  I LITERALLY felt myself thinking…”OK Dianne, time to go to bed.  It’s 9:59.  9:59.  Time to go to bed.  9:59.”

So, that being said, this is how Madeline looks this morning (almost finished)madeline almost finished (2) She’s only missing the final two borders.

And as God is my witness (insert vision of Vivian Lee standing at the end of “the” scene here) I will never leave something THIS CLOSE to being finished at the end of the night again!

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