You see, Santa, here’s the thing.

I really was good this year.  And by good…I mean…GOOD!

I became an “OFFICIAL” quilter this year…(see…good!)

I really did do such a good job at using what I have.

And therefore, I present to you my quilting Christmas list:

First, because I’ve LOVED me some Schnibbles…

And, this, well because it’s been EVERYWHERE…and I STILL DON’T HAVE ANY!  (and I’m insanely jealous of all of those lovely people out there who DO have it!)

This, too, would be fun to have since there are SO MANY AWESOME layer cake patterns out there…and with a name like Panache, who could resist…really?!

And finally, this sweet little ditty of a kit…

It uses American Primer and everything…which I personally believe was one of the most under recognized collections from the last year or two… 




(P.S.  I’ve also heard that someone else is going to be doing this particular kit this year…and I’d love to have a quilt-a-long with her!!!)

Well, there you have it Santa.  My last Christmas list of the year.

Well, for now.

Oh, btw, I did hear that Kelly over at Cotton Chart Quilts/Charming Chatter is providing some EXCELLENT expediting services for fulfilling wishes this year.  If you’re in a bind…she’s really reliable

Thanks again Santa…

Peace out.

and Amen.

December 22, 2009 —

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