I have been stitching today, but unfortunately, you can’t see any of it! Nope…not even a hint! But I will say that I wish I was the recipient of this, if I do say so myself

In my time online today, I have discovered a wonderful new blog. I love quilts, and I have made about 4 in my time, but I wouldn’t consider myself a “quilter.” This blog is one that I spent about an hour reading today, and I loved every minute. If you want to get some great ideas for simple quilts, and just be inspired…visit this one!

Also, since I’m on the subject of blogs that I enjoy…here’s one of my favorite stitching blogs…Carolina Dreams. Nicole is an amazing stitcher, and if you’re not already a LHN fan, you will be after visiting her site! I can say that she has influenced some stash buying on more than one occasion for me!

That’s about it…and because I don’t want to leave this blog completely without pics (that’s no fun!) here’s my most recent purchase…the Just Nan Jingle Over the Top and In the Tin. Now I have all of the 4 from this year.

November 10, 2008 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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