I feel like I’ve been MIA.  Probably because I have been.

In my defense, I present the following excuses:

First…Jack’s 2nd Birthday.



Second…Neighborhood Halloween Costume party.


and all that means that I’ve had very little time for this…

office to studio (2)

I hope that changes soon…cause I’m headed to QUILT MARKET!!!!

I’m very excited and NERVOUS about going, because it’s a HUGE leap of faith for me.  Sort of admitting to the world (and to myself) that I’m committed. 

Or I need to be committed…either one.

So, if there are any of you out there that still read…are there specific things that you’d like me to make sure to take pictures of, or see, or bring back for you?  I’d love to hear from you!

October 26, 2010 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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