As I mentioned previously…I’ve REALLY been enjoying me some quilting lately. I got two jelly rolls of Berry Delicious from FQS on sale. I also got a cute cute jelly roll pattern. Well, I started cutting the squares and triangles for this little quilt last weekend, and all I’m sayin’ is that it’s gonna be CRAZY. Here’s a little pic of my sewing table now:
And no, you’re not imaging it…those are big Lightning McQueen eyes staring out from underneath that ruler. So, the story is…when I finished the MiMi Blanket (as Nicholas calls it), he said “mommy, I want a MiMi blanket.” What mom in their right mind could say no to that! So, as I’m thinking about which cool new fabrics to use…and we just happened to be in Hobby Lobby at the time…he sees this fabric…and just about CAME. UNGLUED. until it was in the cart. SO…not just any blanket for Nicholas, no no, has to be a Lightning McQueen blanket. Anyway, it’s almost done now, just have to do the binding. So, I’m envisioning a finished pic of that up here soon.

Cross Stitch stash and progress pics are coming…I’m waiting for some good lighting later today. Gosh, this is the best present that I’ve given my husband in a while

May 24, 2009 —

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