It is so strange to be writing this post.

This is a quilt that I knew I would show you, but it was never intended to live permanently at my house.

This is the sneak peek that I showed you last week:Shirley's Pinwheels

Before I show you the full quilt, I want to share a story.  This quilt was started (and finished) with the singular purpose of going to my grandma.  She was diagnosed with cancer right after Christmas 2009.  Immediately I knew that I wanted to make a quilt for her.  The blocks of this quilt are from the pinwheel quilt-a-long by Rachel of ps I quilt.

In October 2010, I took this quilt to the long arm quilter…knowing that I needed to get it finished up quickly.  As soon as I got it back from the quilter, I rushed to get the binding put on (sewn on by machine for ease and speed).  Unfortunately, by this time, my sweet grandma was already in a coma, and she died a few days later (December 13, 2010).  She never got the quilt, but it is being loved in our house…it’s unexpected permanent home.

shirley's pinwheels outside

The making of this quilt was very cathartic for me.  In the piecing stage I was constantly thinking of my grandma.  In the quilting stage, I was worried again for her.  As I sewed through tears to attach the last bits of binding, my thoughts were with her…even then knowing that she would never see it.

It is during times like these that I am so grateful to have quilting as a hobby.

December 22, 2010 —

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